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Providing free services to the Atlanta metro since 2013.

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What We Accept

Computers (Desktop & Laptop)

Computer Power Supplies

Printers (Ink, Toner & Cartridges)

Computer Peripherals

Storage Devices (HDDs, SSDs, SD cards, ect.)

Gaming Devices

Circuit Boards/Cards

Monitors (CRT) – 40¢/lb Disposal Fee

Computer Accessories (Mice, Keyboards, etc.)

Monitors (Flatscreen)

Network Devices



Power Distribution Units

Network Related Equipment

Storage Arrays

Routers and Switches

Power Distribution Units


Server Racks


Motor Generator Sets

Mainframe Computer Equipment


Copiers & Multifunction Devices

Fax Machines

Video & Audio Equipment 

Projection Equipment 



Security Equipment 

Receivers and Transmitters

Phone Systems

Answering Machines

Cellphones & Smartphones



MP3 Players


Fitness Trackers/Smartwatches

Stereo Equipment 


Accessories & Cables

Video Players

Digital Cameras

TVs (Flatscreen)

TVs (CRT or Picture Tube) – 40¢/lb  Disposal Fee

Video Cameras

Game Consoles

Pro Audio Equipment

Ultrasound Equipment


Anesthesia Units


X-Ray Machines

IV pumps

Wires & Cables

GPS Units

Alkaline Batteries ($1/lb Disposal Fee)

Rechargeable Dry Cell Batteries

Cable Boxes

UPS Power Supply

Home Appliances (Microwaves, Refrigerators, etc.)

Laptop Batteries

24/7 drop-off available for small items.

For a downloadable list, click here.

We Don’t Accept

Light Bulbs

Hazardous Waste

Radioactive Material

Materials Containing Liquid

Broken/Bare CRTs


Let's break it down,

Here's how we do it

Responsible Recycling

We take your unwanted electronics regardless of the quantity or quality and responsibly dispose of them using environmentally sustainable practices. You can rest easy knowing everything’s taken care of.

Data Destruction

We take your privacy seriously and use industry-leading techniques to fully erase (and physically destroy upon request) the data in each and every device that enters our doors.

IT Asset Disposition

We offer solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes looking to properly dispose of their used IT equipment. From single pickups to frequent servicing of a sponsored disposal bin, we’re here to help.

Electronic Rehabilitation

While proper disposal techniques are crucial to protecting the environment, everybody benefits when we are able to repurpose technology so that it remains useful for years to come. You can count on our resourcefulness to create new life from your recycled electronics.

Wholesale Distribution

In addition to our other services, we deal in bulk acquisitions and sales of all types of electronics (laptops, networking gear, consumer electronics, and more). We offer high volume, low-cost solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes. 

Our Mission

In an increasingly technological world, taking proper care of the mass of discarded electronics has become an important issue to address. While electronics waste (e-waste) only accounts for roughly 2% of the trash in America, it compromises 70% of the toxic waste we produce and only 12.5% of our e-waste is recycled! At eWaste ePlanet, our mission is to increase that number by providing a safe and easy solution for your unwanted electronics.

What Makes Us Different

eWaste ePlanet is more than just your typical recycling facility. While many of our competitors blindly scrap the majority of the material that comes through their doors, we have a talented workforce with an extensive technical knowledge of a wide range of electronics. This enables us to repair and refurbish components intelligently, increasing the functional life of electronics wherever possible. Doing so, we are able to reduce our dependence on the energy-intensive processes that end-of-life electronics must go through for proper disposal.

Our History

Founded in 2013 by Georgia Tech alumnus and entrepreneur, Wilson Kieffer, we have been continually expanding our reach within the Atlanta area and today we provide recurring service pickups to over 75 high-rises around town with plans to expand service further. Our operations have grown substantially from an original team of four employees to a dedicated workforce of 10+ employees to efficiently process the wide variety of electronics that we continually receive.

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Open weekdays from 8am-4pm Eastern time.

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2775 Bankers Industrial Drive
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Atlanta, GA 30360

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CEO / Founder

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Director of Operations

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